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Alzheimer’s Home Care Services

Alzheimer’s at Home Care ServicesWhen a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, short term memory loss or other cognitive decline the first question many families ask is “where do we move Mom ?”. At RedBud, our answer in most cases is, “ Mom should stay at home”.

Alzheimer’s Care at Home

At RedBud we spend our days providing memory care to seniors in their own homes so they don’t have to move. Alzheimer’s is a progressive condition and in some cases can progress quickly but in most cases Alzheimer’s advances slowly and can be managed at home with the appropriate amount of support.

RedBud provides care for people living with Alzheimer’s in their homes every day. We have worked through the struggles and difficulties associated with Alzheimer’s and have helped families and clients to find peace and joy as they adjust to these changing circumstances.

At RedBud we often begin our relationship with our clients by providing minimal care designed to create the most autonomy possible while providing the support needed to smooth out the rough spots. We work with families to create targeted care plans that focus on the core needs of our clients without burdening them with more care than they need. By monitoring and communicating with our clients and their families we are able to provide more care as it is
needed and less when it is not.