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Assisted Living vs Home Care

When an elderly loved one starts to show signs of needing personal assistance, you have a big choice to make. Should you send them to an assisted living home? Or should you hire a home care professional to lengthen the time the elderly relative can stay in their home? Before you make your decision, ensure…

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Does Medicare Cover Home Care?

For those over 65, Medicare is typically the main funding source for medical benefits. While it includes coverage for hospital stays, doctor appointments and prescription coverage, it doesn’t always cover home care. There are instances however where Medicare will cover home care – we’ll dive into these below! #1: Short-Term Care Medicare will cover some…

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The Costs and Benefits of Respite Care for the Elderly

Although in an ideal situation, families rely on themselves to provide in-home care for a loved one, it isn’t always a feasible or practical solution. Families frequently look to respite care as a solution to supplement or replace in-home family care for an elderly family member. On the fence about engaging a respite caregiver? Read…

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